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Not available as a stand alone treatment on weekends. Book online or call us 4041 3284.
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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna 30 minute session $50 - available Monday to Friday unless in a booked Day Spa Package

Relax and enjoy the many benefits of an infrared sauna in a private setting.  

By sweating, your body is able to burn calories and release toxins.  If you are injured or unwell it is difficult and/or impossible to exercise and this impairs your ability to perspire.  This is where an Infrared sauna comes in.  Infrared Saunas can remove heavy metals like mercury and lead. There are many benefits in using this treatment, including weight loss, relaxation, pain relief, improved circulation, detoxification and deep skin cleansing.  Not suitable during pregnancy and if you have any health concerns, please consult your Doctor before your treatment. 

Infrared Sauna

Spa Bath

Spa Bath 30 minute session $60

Relax and soak away your stress and body aches with an aromatic Spa Bath in a private bathroom.  Our beautiful Spa Bath is ALWAYS cleaned with professional spa cleaner after EVERY client to eliminate any germs from the pipes and jets.

A spa bath is a wonderful addition to any relaxation therapy, or as a stand-alone treatment.  It can relieve stress and improve cardio health, assist with insomnia and alleviate muscular aches and pain.  It has been shown to lower blood pressure, help with diabetes and assist with weight loss. Relaxing in a warm spa bath is also said to relieve headaches,reduce anxiety and overall make you feel great.  If you have any health concerns always check with your Doctor first.  Not suitable during pregnancy.

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