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Luxury Travel Guide Spa and Wellness Awards 2018

Best Luxury Day Spa, Australia 2018

Hi Cathy,

 I hope you are well – thanks for the quick reply. That’s absolutely fine – I appreciate you are a very busy person but I do have some wonderful news that I will share below so please review the information and get back to me with your thoughts on moving forward.

I am extremely pleased to announce you have been successful in winning the award for:

 Luxury Spa of the Year –  AUSTRALIA

The Luxury Travel Guide Awards represent the pinnacle of hospitality achievement, championing the best in their respective fields; therefore to come out on top is truly an achievement you should be proud of. We are delighted to pay tribute to and commend all those who have excelled in the industry. This year has seen an unprecedented number of shortlisted companies, providing strong competition in every category.

 All winners of the Luxury Spa & Wellness Awards are subject to the same rigorous assessment criteria, carried out by our in-house professionals. This ensures only the most deserving firms and individuals walk away with one of these prestigious accolades and gain a place in our awards winners’ guide, which will be distributed to over 500,000 professional & affluent people worldwide.  We have a sponsorship deal with Aspire & Swissport International so the guide will can also be found in airport lounges worldwide, as well as on cruise ships, a further 10,000 hotels, holiday specialists and tour providers.

Congratulations again Cathy and I’ll look forward to hearing from you in due course.  Have a nice evening.

Kind regards,


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New & Decadent Spa Packages

New and decadent Spa Packages

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  • Unwind - 60min/$100 - Spa bath, Aromatherapy Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp Massage 
  • Relax - 60min/$119 - Back, neck, shoulder & scalp massage eases & Organic facial 
  • Restore - 90min/$170 - Catalena massage & Organic Revitalise Facial
  • Polish & Hydrate - 60min/$160 -  Full body exfoliation followed with hydrating body lotion
  • Nourish - 105min/$165 - Back, neck, shoulder & scalp massage, organicfacial  & Express Pedicure
  • Smooth Skin Package - 75min/$185 -  Full body scrub then skin nourished with Dry Body oil
  • Pure Calm - 105min/$200  -  Full body massage & Organic facial 
  • Relief Package - 90min/$200 - Back massage, Organic facial, exfoliating foot & lower leg massage 
  • De-stress Package - 90min/$200 -  Full body exfoliation, spa bath & organic facial 
  • Body Nurture Package - 75min/$220 Full body exfoliation and Body Wrap  
  • Renewal Package - 120min/$250 -  Full body exfoliation,  full body massage with a nourishing body lotion. facial massage, scalp massage.
  • Escape - 120min/$250 - Full body exfoliation, Spa Bath, Back Massage, Organic facial 
  • Chill Out - 100min/$260 -  Firming Green Clay body wrap, Organic facial, Spa Bath
  • Anti-Stress Package - 120min/$265 -  Spa bath, Aromatherapy Massage, Organic facial 
  • Full Body Transformation - 100min/$275 -  Full body exfoliation, Body Wrap, Back Massage
  • Inspiration - 150min/$300 -  Full body polish, Hydrating full body massage, Organic Facial
  • Full Body Spa Therapy - 120min/$350 -  Salt glow scrub, Body Wrap, Spa bath, Back Massage

EXTRAS to all Packages

  • Add a bottle of sparkling wine for $20/Glass $7
  • Add a fruit platter for $15
  • Add an Eye Treatment for $45 - Collagen for wrinkles or Ginkgo Biloba for Dark circles and puffiness
  • Add a Plump and De-age Lip Treatment for $40 
  • Add on a Full body exfoliation - if not already included for $69
  • Add on an Express Facial - if not already included for $59
  • Add on a 30 min massage - if not already included for $49
  • Add a 30 min spa bath (where not already included) for $50
  • Add a 30 min Infrared Sauna for $50

More details on these new and decadent Spa Packages can be found on the Spa Packages Page.

New Technology in Salon

Hydrodermabrasion Facial Treatment


Hydrodermabrasion, the latest in skincare technology.  Hydrodermabrasion utilises the natural healing powers of diamond crystals, water & oxygen to effortlessly exfoliate the skin, generating deeply hydrated and healthier looking skin.  The ability to actively moisturise the skin during treatment process sets it apart from all other skin resurfacing procedures available, such as traditional microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and laser/IPL treatments. 

The benefits of Hydrodermabrasion includes improving the skin's texture, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving a deeper hydration to the skin.  Blood circulation is improved which leads to greater collagen production and thus skin tone improvement.  Other skin conditions that may be improved with this treatment are scarring, blackheads and puffy eyes.  Supplements and nutrients can also be administered using this system.  A course of 6 treatments is recommended.  If these are prepaid you will receive a 10% discount off the total price.

This is a comfortable and painfree treatment.  

SFHR - Super Fast Hair Removal

SFHR (super fast hair removal) has arrived at Catalena.  Have you avoided getting hair reduction treatments because you thought it was painful?  Have you been disappointed that you could not receive permanent hair reduction treatments because your hair was too light or your skin too dark or tanned?  Now you can get pain-free permanent hair reduction with our new Super Fast Hair Removal System.  This machine uses special in motion technology for gradual and even heating which achieves results and provides maximum comfort and safety with virtually no pain.

The SFHR machine is safer than most laser systems while still being effective.  It delivers less direct heat at the topical level of the skin.  Please call us to make a consultation time and we charge a minimal $30 consultation fee which is fully redeemable on services. 

Permanent Hair reduction
No Credit Card Surcharges