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Baking Soda – NO

Baking Soda has a PH level of 8 – it is an alkaline product

Using Baking Soda to cleanse and exfoliate your face disrupts the natural acid mantle.  This mantle protects your skin from pollution and extreme weather.  It reduces the risk of infection and breakouts.  It aids in the breakdown of excess sebum (oil), keeping your skin balanced, keeping the skin soft and hydrated.  Provides protection from bacteria and helps to keep skin cells tight and flat which results in a smooth and strong barrier.

Using alkaline products can result in dryness and flaking with your skin feeling tight.  It can also make your skin oilier and prone to breakouts.  It may make your skin sensitive and red, resulting in irritation and itching.  It also is not recommended if you are wanting to avoid premature aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores.  

Pevonia has a wonderful range of organic cleansers which will protect and cleanse your skin without damaging your acid mantle.  This will keep your skin looking radiant and healthy and more importantly, eliminate premature aging.  


IWhat exactly is rosacea though I hear you asking…

In layman’s terms rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition which often presents with facial redness. However many tend to mistake the redness (or bumps that can come with it), for acne. Other tell-tale signs include; dilated capillaries, congestion and pustules.

Pevonia Organic Skincare Australia - Rosacea

Although there’s no cure for rosacea, the great news is by following these essential tips you could avoid flair ups have your skin red-free in next to no time!

  1. Try to avoid alcohol
    Think beauty products containing alcohol as well as alcoholic drinks we are all a little partial too from time to time! Sadly a glass of wine for instance can worsen the redness caused by rosacea. Noooo!
  2. Watch what you eat
    Certain foods can cause your skin to flush (or otherwise heat up!) try to avoid or at least reduce eating foods including; oranges, strawberries, peanuts, cashews and caffeine. Hot and spicy curries are also a no no!
  3. Eat a diet rich in multi vitamins and essential fatty Acids
    Vitamin A & C foods such as broccoli, sweet potato, carrots and leafy greens help strengthen the skin while foods such as salmon, almonds and eggs rich in fatty acids help produce the skin’s natural oil barrier, critical in keeping skin hydrated, plumper, and younger looking while protecting it from environmental irritants.
  4. Avoid strenuous exercise.
    Oh ok then you’ve twisted by arm!
  5. Always use sun protection.
    The sun unfortunately is a trigger for rosacea.
  6. Avoid extreme temperatures.
    So no soaking in a HOT bath (ahhhh), relaxing in a sauna or slaving over a very hot stove!
  7. Do not slather on your makeup. 
    Yes we all want to conceal our blemishes but layering makeup may only inflame your symptoms more! You want to select multi-tasking products, colour correctors and breathable foundations and powders so skin if covered but calm without being clogged! Give mineral makeup a go. You won’t regret it.
  8. The right skincare will be your best friend. 
    With the constant use of effective skincare rosacea can be reduced and in some cases totally controlled! Pevonia’s RS2 range, created by world renowned dermatologist, biochemist and a pioneer in advanced organic skincare, Dr. Sylvie Hennessy, was designed to specifically treat rosacea. Formulated with the most purest, natural, nurturing ingredients including Green Tea, Chamomile, Liquorice, Allantoin, Vitamin E and Rose Essential Oil the range strengthens capillaries, desensitizes, decongests, soothes, and hydrates  while rendering skin evenly toned and visibly calmed.

Pevonia Organic Skincare Australia - Rosacea Range


You buy skin products to look after your skin and to keep your skin looking youthful.   Avoiding  the following ingredients will ensure that your anti-ageing skincare products are working for you and not against you.  We use organic Pevonia Botanica skincare which is Botanical, Marine and Earth Based and is Cruelty Free.

  1. Sulfates: These are harsh, corrosive, and drying ingredients you’ll find in your cleansers, body washes, shampoos, and even in your toothpastes. As we told you in this post, these chemicals are also used in floor scrubbing solutions, engine degreasers, and car-wash soaps. They cause skin irritation and corrosion, and over time, lead to increased dryness. You know what that means—more visible fine lines and wrinkles. In fact, studies have indicated that very thing—that sulfates can age the skin. Avoid “sodium laureth sulfate” and “sodium lauryl sulfate.”
  2. Certain alcohols: Look at one of your anti-aging skin products and you may find ingredients like “SD alcohol, ethanol, methanol, benzyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, and ethyl alcohol.” These are all drying ingredients that strip away skin’s natural oils and lead to premature aging and irritation.
  3. DEA, MEA, TEA: We talked about these ammonia compounds in a former post. In addition to potential links to cancer, these ingredients are drying to the skin and hair. They can also cause allergic reactions, resulting in redness and inflammation. All of these results produce an overall aging effect.
  4. Mineral oil: It comes from petroleum, and it forms a sort of film over the skin, clogging pores and hindering the skin’s natural ability to get rid of toxins. With extended use, it can encourage acne and actually irritate and inflame skin. The result is an aging effect that can make fine lines and wrinkles much more visible.
  5. Chemical sunscreens: Many so-called chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone, benzophenone-3, and octyl methoxycinnamate can actually encourage free radical damage when exposed to sun-rays. If the formula contains a good balance of antioxidants with the chemical sunscreen, the damage may be limited, but so far, we don’t have enough research to know exactly what that balance needs to be. Free radicals and UV exposure are the primary causes of wrinkles and fine lines.

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